February 26, 2021
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NC objects to budget for stopping subsistence allowance to people with serious illness

  30/05/2018 मा प्रकाशित

Kathmandu, Main opposition Nepali Congress has expressed concern why the government cut out the subsistence allowance of Rs 5,000 every month to the people living with serious illness as kidney disease, cancer and spinal injury from the budget.
The decision to provide subsistence allowance was taken by the erstwhile Nepali Congress government.
During a press meet organized at party office Wednesday, Spokesperson of the party Bishwo Prakash Sharma said although the allowance to the people with serious illness could not account much to the budget, it was dishonesty of the government towards the poor and sick people to stop it.
“As an opposition, it is its duty to give constructive suggestions to the government for country’s prosperity, while the contradiction and weaknesses can’t be ignored at all,” Sharma said, adding that NC has concluded that the budget failed to show government’s will power, farsightedness and programmes at a time when the country is comparatively in a stable situation after three-tier of elections.
The budget has debunked the double standard of the government because it has contradicted with the white paper it issued some time back. The economy is not in jitters, he argued.
Similarly, the NC has blamed that the budget is full of uncertainty- which way to go- of NC’s style or the classical communist style; it has failed to encourage the private sector. The budget also ignored the policy and structural reforms in the education sector.
The NC also questioned why only one fourth of the budget was allocated to the development expenditure.