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Nepali migrants in Norway donate educational materials for intellectually disabled

  05/07/2016 मा प्रकाशित

In a gesture of benevolence, Nepali migrants in Norway have donated educational materials worth around Rs 200,000 for 27 intellectually disabled students from the district.

The beneficiaries include 12 students with intellectually disability from the Tribhuvan Secondary School at Chhipridaha and 15 from the Chandannath Primary School in Musikot.

Local Development Officer handed over the educational materials and other materials for their lodging to the students amid a programme on Wednesday.

The donation was made through the Helping Hands for Nepal (HHN), an organisation set up by Nepali migrants in Norway.

The students who were earlier finding it hard to pursue education for want of educational materials were a happy lot after receiving the donation.

On the other hand, the donation will help them in their studies a lot, said one of the beneficiaries.

Chairman of the HHN, Nowray Gorakh Chand said that their efforts to help intellectually disabled children aims at bringing them at the mainstream education through help.

He said that Nepali migrants in Norway collected some amounts by cutting off expenditure on their daily snacks and other money-required activities. RSS