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Migrant Workers Participated in NRNA Suicide Prevention Training

  20/12/2020 मा प्रकाशित

London: Community leaders and migrant workers from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Japan, South Africa as well as from Nepal participated in the training program aimed at preventing Suicide.

Senior clinical Psychologist Dr. Bijay Gyawali and senior psychiatrist Dr. Ranjan Thapa led the training.

Active listening, role play, active interactions are some of the methods the trainers used that made the four hours long training interesting.

“Look, listen and link are the key strategies that help in identifying vulnerable individual and helping her or him come out of the the suicidal thought,” said the trainers.

Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota the chair of the health committee of Non-Resident Nepali Association welcomed the participants and said that far too many Nepali migrants have attempted and committed suicide in countries like South Korea, Malaysia, Kuwait, Canada, and such training is aimed at helping prevent and reduce such tragedies.

“Bhagwati sedhai, one the participants said these trainings are very helpful for daily life and each person need to take them for their mental well-being.”

The cordinators and organizers of the training were Dr. Sarita Pandey Bhattarai from South Africa, Dr. Nishita Pathak from Nepal, Ms. Aliza KC Bhandari from Japan and Dr. Sanjay Yadav from the United States

Jointly organized by Health Committee of NRNA ICC Department of Foreign Employment and Welfare of NRNs, this training program is expected to benefit community leaders in helping identify people who are vulnerable and need help avoid suicide, said Rajendra Raut, the project manager of Repatriation and Relief project of NRNA.

The next sessions of the training are scheduled on Jan 08 and Jan 15.